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Club Rules


  1. As a PAID Member of the Club, you are entitled to come out to the Range and use it most days during daylight hours. It is important to   remember though, that whenever we schedule an event, it is considered a FUNDRAISER. The event is open to the general public, whereas we ask a donation in order to shoot. Should you attend these events, you are expected to donate as well! Event dates are on the back of your membership card.
  2. As a PAID member of the Club, you are also responsible for the appearance of the Range after you have finished using it. Please be sure to pick up your targets and spent cartridges or shotgun shell casings. We don’t expect you to pick up the .22 cal. shell casings, but we would like you to sweep them off of the cement.

  3. PLEASE do not affix your targets to the posts. It is a painstaking job to replace these posts after they have been all shot up. Staple or tack your target to the furring strips. In case you forgot your targets, there is extra cardboard in the white wooden shed beside the blue plastic outhouse that is there for you to use.

  4. For closer shooting, the handgun / pistol range is available (or use the old political sign wire frames to push into the ground at a distance that you want to shoot or you may use the small moveable bench that is out there). Again, please be vigilant about picking up after yourself.

  5. DO NOT, under any circumstances, use material other than targets (or cardboard) that are meant to be targets. Bullets can ricochet off very hard surfaces making it very dangerous. Absolutely NO glass bottles.

  6. As a Paid member, you are urged to attend at least ONE meeting or event during the year of your membership. We encourage you to help with Clean Up days, selling Raffle Tickets for the Annual Picnic, and or your input at monthly meetings.

  7. SAFETY is our main goal. Be sure to wear eye and ear protection when shooting. ALWAYS keep your firearm pointed downrange. Be mindful of all others using the Range. Rifles and shotguns are to be put in the rack when members go down range.

  8. The combination to the gate is CONFIDENTIAL. As a PAID member of the Club, it is your responsibility to keep it confidential.

  9. Copies of the Clubs By Laws can be obtained in the Club House, or by email upon request.

  10. Members are required to have their membership cards with them (and visible) when using the clubs’ facilities. Lanyards for your card are available at the club for your convenience.