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Range Rules



  1. ALL firearms are to remain unloaded and on the gun rack until it is time for the shooter to come to the line.

  2. The muzzles of all firearms are to point down range at all times with the safety “ON” until ready to shoot.

  3. Once at the shooting line, the shooter may proceed to load his/her firearm.

  4. All shooters, when the shooting round is finished, will pick up their spent shotgun shell casings and dispose of them in the spent casings pail.

  5. Any person, under the age of 12 years old will be accompanied by an adult when participating or shooting at the range.

  6. NO ALCOHOLIC BEVERAGES are permitted on the Association property.

  7. NO SMOKING in the Pavilion area or Shooting lines.

  8. Follow the rules of the range and the range officer.

  9. Members are required to have their membership cards with them (and visible) when using the clubs’ facilities.

Use the range often and GOOD SHOOTING!